The Cure for Mindless Scrolling

What's so special about Attention?

Most app blockers are ineffective. They attempt to articially increase your willpower instead of addressing the root problem. Attention, on the other hand, makes the apps you use inherently less addictive.

It does this by forcing you to wait a few seconds before you get to use addictive apps. This repeats every few minutes. This simple act removes the instant gratification, and thereby severs the feedback loop that fuels mindless phone use.

While other app blockers try to get you to stop using addictive apps altogther, Attention makes addictive apps less addictive, thereby solving the problem at its core.

Why should I trust a third-party app with my app usage data?

You shouldn't.

Any app with the ability to block other apps necessarily has access to very private data. Who knows which of them sells that data to other companies or bad-actors?

Attention is different since it specifically doesn't request the permissions required to access the internet. This ensures that you can be 100% confident that your data is not being stolen, and then sold to others. This also means that we can't show you ads either, but, unlike some, we believe this commitment to privacy is more important than maximizing our profits.

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